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Signs of furnace repair in southern Georgia

What are the signs you need heating repair in southern Georgia?

Winters in Georgia are relatively mild compared to those in states to the north. Having said that, a properly working furnace or heat pump is still needed in the winter to keep your home warm and cozy inside. If you want to avoid a furnace breakdown, you should know the signs you need heating repair. […]

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4 signs you need a new furnace for your home

You rely on your furnace to keep your family happy and warm during the winter. But, nothing lasts forever. Just like your car, microwave, and every mechanical thing that you own, your furnace will eventually break down and need to be replaced. In this blog, we’ll review the signs you need a new furnace. If […]

Heat Pumps

HVAC 101: What are heat pumps and how do they work?

There’s a lot of jargon and industry terminology that gets tossed around in the HVAC business. There’s furnaces and heating systems, and then air conditioning and cooling units. Then, there’s a whole separate deal: heat pumps. But, just what are they, and how do they work? In this blog post, we’ll review what heat pumps […]

Why it’s important to schedule seasonal furnace maintenance

Seasonal furnace maintenance tends to rank pretty low on most people’s list of important things to do in the fall. After all, children are starting school, the holidays are right around the corner, and life is hectic. Your furnace, on the other hand, is out-of-sight and out-of-mind. However, getting a furnace checkup from the professionals […]

Certified AC Technicians for Ray & Son

Here are 3 signs that you need summer AC repair from Ray & Son

  Summer brings sunshine and high temperatures to Georgia, and there are few things worse than your air conditioner breaking down on a hot summer day. What you might not know is that there are a few ways to determine if your air conditioner is one the verge of a breakdown. Here are three signs that you […]

Here are 4 things you should know about summer AC service

Regular air conditioner maintenance is important. It helps you keep your cooling device from malfunctioning during the most hot and uncomfortable times of the year. By not scheduling summer AC service, you could be putting yourself at risk of up to a 5% decrease in cooling efficiency. That adds up to some serious money over […]

How to Keep the Rooms Cool During a Heat Wave

Here’s how to keep your home cool during a heat wave

Unfortunately, heat waves are often a reality of summers in the United States. Strongly associated with weather patterns, a heat wave can cause a prolonged spike in daily high temperatures and humidity, leading to sweltering conditions here in Georgia and elsewhere. If you want to avoid having your home turn into an oven during a […]

4 Signs that Air Conditioner Ducts Require Cleaning

4 signs that your air conditioner ducts require cleaning

What’s wrong with having dirty air conditioner ducts? Fine dust particles collect on the surfaces of the air ducts. The dust catches flakes of dead skin and pet dander. Before long, the ducts harbor an environment conducive for the development of mold, bacteria, and allergens. The obvious signs your air conditioner ducts need cleaning Do […]

Here are 5 benefits of scheduling a routine AC checkup

Air conditioners need to be maintained regularly to ensure optimal cooling. The summer months are right around the corner, and it will be wise if you schedule a routine AC checkup with the trusted, local team at Ray & Son. A regular air conditioner tune-up provides many benefits. It can ensure that the home remains comfortable […]

Insulation Help Reduce Cooling Bills

Attic Insulation Can Help You Reduce Your Cooling Bills

Home attic insulation can help in reducing the cooling bills. Having the home attic insulated is particularly recommended in case your home has experienced any of the following conditions: High cooling bills Hot walls or ceilings Uneven temperature between the rooms Drafty rooms In case any of the above applies for you, it’s suggested that […]

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