5 Tips To Prep Your HVAC Systems Before Leaving For Vacation This Winter

HVAC Systems before Leaving for a Vacation

Headed to the tropics? If so, don’t forget a great shady hat—and to prepare your furnace before you leave.

Are you thinking about taking off for a vacation? If the answer is yes, you should not forget to take care of your most trusted friend—in a mechanical manner of speaking.

What else can you rely on to keep warm during the summers and cozy during the winters? Your furnace or heating system is a necessity these days without which our life on this earth would be somewhat miserable, particularly for those residing in the southeastern parts of the US.

Whether you are preparing for a tropical getaway during the winters or a cabin during the summers, it’s important that you prep your HVAC before leaving.

Here are 5 tips that can help ensure that the heating and cooling device remains in great shape when you come back to your home after the vacation.

1. Set the right temperature

Before reading on, please take a moment of your time to answer this quick quiz: When heading for a vacation it is better to turn off the HVAC system. Is this statement true or false?

If you answered true to the above question, then you are wrong.

While turning off the HVAC system when heading off for a vacation may help in conserving the energy, we would not recommend you this.

The reason is that the heating and cooling system is designed to run continuously. Keeping the system running will prevent frozen pipes during the winters and development of moisture and mold during the summers. So, you should turn the knob of the thermostat about five degrees higher than your comfortable temperature before going on a summer vacation, and five degrees lower than the comfortable temperature before going on a winter vacation.

2. Install a surge protector

Another important thing that you should do before taking a vacation is to install a surge protector for the system. This is an effective and inexpensive way to protect your costly HVAC system from being toasted due to a power spike or outage. You can contact the local HVAC repair company to know about the best surge protector for the system.

3. Install fresh air filters

Installing a new air filter is always a good idea. But it’s especially so when going out of town for a vacation. This will ensure that your unit does not take extra energy when operating. A clean air filter will make sure that the HVAC system works efficiently and does not break down when you are away.

4. Clear debris from the exterior unit

Make sure that you clear leaves, sticks, tree limbs, and grass clippings near the exterior unit that may hinder the flow of air. Clogged air vents can strain the HVAC unit performance leading to a mechanical failure. That’s why it’s important that you clear the nearby debris and ensure about two spaces around the unit.

5. Get it checked by a professional

The fifth and most important advice before leaving for a vacation is to get the HVAC unit checked by a professional technician. An experienced professional can carry out the necessary maintenance and repair works that will ensure it is running smoothly when you come back from the vacation.

Have Ray & Son prepare your HVAC systems for your vacation

If you want to connect with experienced HVAC repair professionals, you can contact Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning. We serve Nashville GA, Valdosta, and other communities in south Georgia and north Florida.

5 Tips To Save Money On Your Heating Bills This Spring

Save Money on Heating BillsMost people are troubled by high heating bills during the winters. For some people, the high energy bills cause a great financial strain.

In order to keep the energy bills down and prevent them from making a big dent on your wallets, you can take certain simple steps that we will discuss in this article.

1. Make the best use of the sun

The bright burning orb in the sky can help you to keep the rooms warm during the winters. To benefit from the free energy of the sun, you should open the curtains on the south facing windows during the winter days. And when the sun goes down, you should cover the window to keep the warm air inside the rooms.

This will allow you to avoid cranking up the thermostat in order to stay warm. Every degree that you set the thermostat lower will result in great savings in the heating bills.

2. Take advantage of ceiling fans

Homes that are ventilated during the winters will require less heating. You can make strategic use of ceiling fans to improve the airflow. Setting the ceiling fan to move clockwise will help keep the room warm as it will gently push the hot air downwards.

As a result, you don’t have to set the thermostat at a high temperature, saving you money in terms of reduced energy bills.

3. Cover the windows with heavy drapery

Heavy drapery that fully covers the window will prevent heat from escaping the room. The drapery will act as insulation, keeping the room warm during the winters and cool during the summers. You will require less heating to keep the room warm, keeping the heating bills down.

4. Keep the oven door open

Through the efficient use of the stored heat inside the oven, you can save some heating bills. Leaving the oven door ajar after cooking will let the warm air circulate in the kitchen. The heat from the open oven door will keep the room warm, so you can set the thermostat at a lower temperature.

5. Consider getting an energy audit

An energy audit is recommended if you want to find out how you can improve the heating efficiency of the home. Through the energy audit of the house, you will learn about where the air might be leaking from the house. You will also know whether you can save money by insulation of the house.

Ray & Son offers energy audits to homeowners in southern Georgia.

Call Ray & Son for more on cutting your heating bills this spring

In the end, you should always keep the furnace tuned to ensure maximum energy efficiency. If you keep the system tuned up regularly, it will keep the energy bills down. In case you want expert help for repairing of your furnace, you can contact Ray & Son Heating and Air Conditioning.

HVAC Inspections Matter: Schedule Annual Heating & Cooling Maintenance

Routine HVAC inspections matterIt’s a question we get a lot: Are routine HVAC inspections really important for my cooling and heating systems?

Some people assume that there is no such need for a routine inspection and paying any sum to a technician results in a waste of money.

The fact, however, is that routine inspection is essential for any heating and cooling device. In the long run, it will save you a lot of money. The cost of annual inspection will be more than worth it in the end as you will less likely pay for costly repairs.

Here is a list of four benefits of regular inspection of your HVAC system. Contact Ray & Son for your AC tune-up, or give us a call for a furnace tune-up.

Fewer emergency repairs

Regular HVAC inspection will allow you to save time, money, and stress due to a breakdown of the system midway during intense cold or hot season. Annual inspection by a qualified and experienced HVAC technician will ensure that the system keeps operating at its peak efficiency.

The technician will be able to identify potential problems and take the necessary steps to ensure that the system does not experience a major fault. The cost of annual inspection will be far less than the cost involved in an emergency fix. Emergency repairs hit hard on the budget and cause a great inconvenience to the individuals.

Greater savings on energy bills

Annual inspection of the HVAC system will also allow you to save money. When the system performs at its peak level, it will ensure that the system remains energy efficient. A fault in the heating or cooling device makes the system draw more energy that results in increased bills.

By having the system serviced regularly be a qualified technician, it will not make a dent in your wallet due to higher energy bills.

Increased lifespan of the system

An HVAC system that is clogged with dirt, dust or other debris does not work properly in heating or cooling the room. It will result in greater strain on the system that will result in a breakdown. As a result, you have to pay extra for replacement or repair of the system.

Annual inspection of the HVAC system will help extend the life of the equipment. The technician will clear the system interior during routine service to ensure that it keeps on performing well for a long duration.

Improved quality of air

Apart from making the system work harder in heating or cooling the room, accumulation of dirt and dust inside the system can greatly degrade the air quality inside the home. This can result in various health problems including eye or nose irritation, asthma attack, or flu-like systems.

The regular infection will reduce the airborne contaminants and ensure a comfortable and healthy living environment.

Call Ray & Son for your HVAC inspections

Need annual HVAC inspections from experienced technicians in Nashville GA, Valdosta, and other communities in south Georgia and north Florida? Contact Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning.

Programmable Thermostats Can Save You Money On Heating Bills

Programmable Thermostats Save You MoneyProgrammable thermostats, as the name suggests, allow you to program the room temperature. They provide more control over the home’s climate as compared to manual thermostats.

If you don’t have programmable thermostat installed in your house, it’s time that you consider purchasing one for your home and having Ray & Son install it for you.

Here are some of the ways in which you can benefit from replacing manual thermostat with a programmable one in the house. Contact our team today for more information!

1. Maintain comfortable temperature

A bonus of installing programmable thermostat is that it can help maintain a perfect temperature throughout the house.

Programmable thermostats don’t require cranking up the temperature during a cold spell. They maintain the temperature at a comfortable level by following your programmed schedule. This ensures a perfectly cozy and warm temperature at all times.

2. Have greater convenience

A programmable thermostat can give greater convenience in that you can set the temperature at the start of a season, and then let the device take care of the rest. With programmable thermostat, homeowners won’t have to constantly reach for the thermostat to change the room temperature.

You won’t have to change the temperature during the day and the night. Also, when you depart to or arrive from the office, you won’t have to adjust the temperature. Thus, you can focus on feeling cozy at home instead of constantly changing the temperature.

3. Save money

The biggest gain from replacing manual thermostat with a programmable one is the energy cost savings. The programmable thermostats can ensure maximum efficiency in heating the home. You can schedule to increase and decrease the temperature during the day and night as per the needs.

You can create a schedule according to your family routine—increasing the temperature when everyone is at home and turning down the temperature when away. As a result, you will be able to effectively cut down on your heating bills.

3. Reduce your carbon footprint

Gas and electric heaters ultimately contribute to increase in the harmful gases in the environment. Programmable thermostat allows efficient energy utilization. This in turn allows you to play your part in reducing carbon footprint from the atmosphere.

On a final note, programmable thermostat can offer great benefits over a manual one. Due to improved comfort, cost-effectiveness, and energy saving benefits, programmable thermostat is an obvious choice for the homeowner.

Ray & Son installs programmable thermostats

If you want more professional advice regarding programmable thermostat or want to get in touch with professional HVAC repair technicians, you can contact Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning. We have been serving Nashville GA, Valdosta, and other communities in south Georgia and north Florida for more than five decades.

Close out winter by getting a furnace tune-up

Spring is coming to southern Georgia, and the days are starting to get a bit warmer. You may still be running your furnace at night, though. Your heating system has been through a lot this winter, and it may a good idea to schedule your annual maintenance checkup with Nashville, Georgia’s own heating and cooling specialists, Ray and Son.

Why should I get a furnace tune-up?

Furnace-Repair-Recomendation-Nashville-GAOver the coldest months of the year, your furnace has dealt with a good deal of strain. Before you shut it down for the spring, keep in mind that having Ray and Son inspect it now could:

  • Help you reduce your current energy bills: If you’re currently running your system, you may see your electricity or gas bill steadily rising throughout the winter. This may be a sign that your furnace is working double-time to provide your family with the warmth you’ve been seeking. A tune-up will help you save every month by increasing your system’s energy efficiency.
  • Help you avoid a major breakdown: A strained system is not only less energy efficient, but it’s more likely to suffer a mechanical problem that causes major issues. Help prevent such a setback by having a certified technician inspect your system and ensure that everything is running like it should.
  • Help you keep it safe. A malfunctioning furnace could be a dangerous furnace! If it isn’t running right, your furnace could emit harmful gases and pollutants into your home—not something that you want happening. If it’s been a while since your last inspection, have the folks at Ray and Son look over your system, and we’ll make sure it’s running like it should.

How do I tell if I need a new furnace?

We recommend having a certified technician inspect your furnace at least annually. It’s amazing what a little repair and maintenance love can do for a heating—or cooling, for that matter—system.

That being said, nothing lasts forever. Here are some things that you should think about when debating whether to repair your furnace or to replace it.

  • A furnace enters “old age” between 15-20: If your heating system is between 15 and 20 years of age—or older—it may be time to consider replacement. Most systems start to significantly slow down and experience decreased production and efficiency at that age, and can become more prone to issues, noises, and an increasing level of maintenance headache.
  • An older furnace is less efficient: If your heating system was manufactured twenty years ago, it’s going to be less energy efficient than one made today. Advances in technology have improved energy conservation. And entering old age probably hasn’t helped your furnace, either.
  • The repair costs add up: Even with regular maintenance, an old furnace is going to need regular repairs as parts and structures begin to wear down. While a good HVAC company will give you a fair quote on such work, you may eventually decide that the costs you would have paid repairing an older system are better spent on at least partially paying for a new system.

Trust Ray and Son

If you’re looking for quality HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation in southwestern Georgia, look no further than Ray and Son. For 50 years, we’ve been providing excellent service using industry-certified technicians. Schedule service with us online, or give us a call at (229) 515-8748.

When your furnace needs repairs

Winter has come to southern Georgia, and even if we’re not buried under several feet of snow like other parts of the country, the nights are colder and your home’s furnace is working harder than ever. When your home’s heating system stops functioning, things are going to get chilly. 

My furnace has broken down. What should I do?

service-area-furnace-repairLet’s say that you live in Valdosta. You wake up one morning, and you find that your home isn’t getting any heat. In fact, the entire system seems to not be working. You need to find a HVAC company. Here are some of the things you should consider:

  • You want a company that has been doing this for decades: Finding a company that has experience, certification, and positive community reviews is critical. For instance, Ray and Son has been repairing and maintaining heating systems and furnaces for more than 50 years. We know our way around these systems, and you can trust us to do what is right for you and your home. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured—something that Angie’s List recommends you look for.
  • You want a company that has seen it all and knows it all: Because we’ve been around for more than 50 years, we’ve seen just about everything when it comes to repairing furnaces. We service all makes and models, and we have specialized training that allows us to make the best possible diagnosis of what’s going on with your system.
  • You want a company that will be thorough: Sure, maybe it’s just your furnace that is on the fritz. But, by inspecting your entire system, the certified technicians at Ray and Son will be able to not only properly diagnose the problem, but also give the system a clean overall bill of health after the repair has been made.
  • You want a professional recommendation: A good furnace repair company will sit down with you and make sure you understand the problem, what the potential solutions are, and how they plan to address the system. At Ray and Son, we will discuss your options and pricing upfront with you, so that you feel in control about your decision.
  • You want a company that backs up their word… and their work: Ray and Son prides itself on doing the job right the first time. We’re so confident in our work that we offer a full 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back. We also provide a warranty on all our parts and service for one full year.

What can I expect when I hire Ray and Son to do my repair?

Furnace-Repair-Recomendation-Nashville-GAFirst of all, we appreciate your business, and we’re excited to be working with you. You can expect us to deliver on our promises, provide you with information upfront, and—of course—make sure your heating system gets the repair it needs to get working again.

Here are five things you can expect from us:

  1. Professionalism: Not only in the way that we and our technicians conduct ourselves, but in the sense that we have the latest training and certification from leading brands and manufacturers in the industry. We’re a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, and we even took home the 2007 Carrier President’s Award for our commitment to service and keeping up with our skills.
  2. Availability: We’re ready to help you, 24/7. Obviously, you don’t plan when you want to have your heating system go on strike (otherwise, you’d plan to never have it break down!), so only being open during business hours won’t cut it. Give us a call when you need us, and we’ll figure out a way to help you out and restore the warmth to your home.
  3. Great Service: We’re really proud of our reviews, and we let the customers speak for themselves. People are as happy to work with us as we are with them, and we appreciate their kind words and word-of-mouth recommendations.
  4. Local Service: As you might expect from a company named “Ray and Son,” this is a family business based right here in Nashville. We’re proud to service a wide swath of south Georgia, and we’ve been repairing furnaces from Arabi to Lake Park since 1965.
  5. Financing: Again: no one particularly plans to have their furnace go out, or to need repairs on their system. Short of a magical crystal ball, you’ll have a hard time always fitting a heating repair into your budget. To make things easier, we offer hassle-free financing options, with no credit checks required.

The Comfort Club

For additional peace of mind when you’re getting a repair on your heating system, consider joining the Ray and Son Comfort Club. For a one-time cost, you get a ton of benefits, including:

  • Air Conditioner and Furnace Cleaning: A complete system cleaning to check for any small issues that can be addressed that day and ensure your system is up to factory specs ($149 value).
  • Repair-Free Guarantee: If you need any repairs over the next 90 days after your tune-up (besides any repairs addressed during your tune-up), we’ll refund every single penny of the tune-up’s cost.
  • 100% Return on Investment, Guaranteed: Recoup your tune-up cost in energy savings over the next 90 days (compared to the same period last year), or we’ll pay you the difference.

Heating-Nashville-GAIt’s a great value, and it rolls regular maintenance and emergency repair on both your air conditioning and heating system together into one package. If you’re the type who likes to stay ahead of the game, signing up for the Comfort Club will help you feel comfortable in your home, year-round.

How can I schedule a repair with Ray and Son?

If your home’s system is in need of a furnace repair, schedule a consultation with us to discuss service options and how we can help. And, remember: if you own a business, we can help you with your commercial heating as well.