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4 Signs that Air Conditioner Ducts Require Cleaning

4 signs that your air conditioner ducts require cleaning

What’s wrong with having dirty air conditioner ducts? Fine dust particles collect on the surfaces of the air ducts. The dust catches flakes of dead skin and pet dander. Before long, the ducts harbor an environment conducive for the development of mold, bacteria, and allergens. The obvious signs your air conditioner ducts need cleaning Do […]

Here are 5 benefits of scheduling a routine AC checkup

Air conditioners need to be maintained regularly to ensure optimal cooling. The summer months are right around the corner, and it will be wise if you schedule a routine AC checkup with the trusted, local team at Ray & Son. A regular air conditioner tune-up provides many benefits. It can ensure that the home remains comfortable […]

Insulation Help Reduce Cooling Bills

Attic Insulation Can Help You Reduce Your Cooling Bills

Home attic insulation can help in reducing the cooling bills. Having the home attic insulated is particularly recommended in case your home has experienced any of the following conditions: High cooling bills Hot walls or ceilings Uneven temperature between the rooms Drafty rooms In case any of the above applies for you, it’s suggested that […]

HVAC Systems before Leaving for a Vacation

5 Tips To Prep Your HVAC Systems Before Leaving For Vacation This Winter

Are you thinking about taking off for a vacation? If the answer is yes, you should not forget to take care of your most trusted friend—in a mechanical manner of speaking. What else can you rely on to keep warm during the summers and cozy during the winters? Your furnace or heating system is a […]

Save Money on Heating Bills

5 Tips To Save Money On Your Heating Bills This Spring

Most people are troubled by high heating bills during the winters. For some people, the high energy bills cause a great financial strain. In order to keep the energy bills down and prevent them from making a big dent on your wallets, you can take certain simple steps that we will discuss in this article. 1. […]

The Importance of a Routine HVAC System Inspection

HVAC Inspections Matter: Schedule Annual Heating & Cooling Maintenance

It’s a question we get a lot: Are routine HVAC inspections really important for my cooling and heating systems? Some people assume that there is no such need for a routine inspection and paying any sum to a technician results in a waste of money. The fact, however, is that routine inspection is essential for any heating […]

Install a Programmable Thermostat to Save Heating Bills

Programmable Thermostats Can Save You Money On Heating Bills

Programmable thermostats, as the name suggests, allow you to program the room temperature. They provide more control over the home’s climate as compared to manual thermostats. If you don’t have programmable thermostat installed in your house, it’s time that you consider purchasing one for your home and having Ray & Son install it for you. Here […]

AC Repair Recommendations Nashville GA

Is it time for you to get a new AC system?

It’s only the start of summer and your air conditioner is already giving you problems. Is it time to get it replaced, or should you stick with a repair? Ray and Son can help with both. Here’s some things to take into consideration when you’re debating between keeping your old system or replacing it with […]

Five signs that you need AC repair

It’s summer, and your AC system is acting strangely when you turn it on. Maybe it’s not cooling, or it’s making sounds it shouldn’t, or there’s a pool of liquid outside of the unit. Or, perhaps, it’s not turning on at all. Don’t panic. Give Ray and Son a call to schedule your appointment for […]

Three reasons to consider an AC tune-up

It’s the time of year where the days are getting longer and the weather is starting to get warmer. We’re not yet in the prime season for air conditioning use—in fact, you and your family may not have even turned yours on yet this season. This makes spring the perfect time for an AC tune-up. […]

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